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Kokoro Kai Ju-Jitsu Association
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Kokoro Kai Ju-jitsu Association

Welcome to Kokoro Kai Ju-jitsu Association. Kokoro Kai

is a large and widely recognised group within the British

Ju-jitsu Association Great Britain (BJJAGB) – the

governing body for Ju-jitsu in this country. The clubs are

also members of the United Nations of Ju-jitsu and

Jikishin International.


Chief Coaches are husband and wife team Mark & Claire

Fitz-Gerald, Both hold the rank of 6th Dan . They are both Senior Examiners, Senior

Weapons Coaches and each hold Senior Coaching certificates in the

BJJAGB. Both are qualified judges and referees in Sport Ju-jitsu with national and international experience.


As a member of Kokoro Kai you will also have the opportunity to meet and train with top instructors from overseas at annual national and International events.


All Kokoro Kai Instructors are fully qualified and CRB checked. We aim to promote a friendly atmosphere amongst students and between clubs where everyone mixes together. There are also numerous social events throughout the year where you can meet and make new friends.




Ju-Jitsu is the oldest  documented form of Japanese martial art. The word ‘Ju’ means gentle, supple or to yield, while ‘Jitsu’ simply means art or skill; thus, Ju-Jitsu is also known as the gentle skill or the art of yielding.


It was originally developed as the unarmed combat system of the Samurai (Japanese warriors) to enable them to continue fighting if they lost their weapons; or for situations where weapons were not warranted.


Today, contemporary Ju-jitsuka practice a developed syllabi which is based on defence against different types of attacks that can occur in everyday situations.


You will learn a variety of skills which include breakfalling, evading, striking, throwing, locking and holding down. Recent years have seen the development of Sport Ju-Jitsu, an exciting format to test the all round skills of the Ju-Jitsuka at both National and International levels.