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National Governing Body Coaching Course Criteria


Each course has distance learning modules to be completed. Please read the following carefully as an omission from any part may stop the candidate from obtaining a coaching status.


Level Type Fee Level Open To: Length of Course
1 Novice Coach £50 Purple or Above                Half a Day
2 Assistant  Coach          £75 Brown Belt or Above One Day Course
3 Full Coach £100 1st Dan or Above Two Day Course
4 Senior Coach £125 3rd Dan or Above Two Day Course
To Renew Existing Grade £50


Please note all levels taken will require a theory exam .  Levels three and four will also require a practical exam.




Distance Learning

The following modules are to be read in advance for the coaching level you are taking.



    Communication Skills    Code Of Ethics     Child Protection



   The above modules plus

    Teaching Methods       Skill Classification     Coaching Skills          



   All of the above Modules Plus

    Safe Policy    Coaches Legal    Injury Prevention    Cryotherapy    Menstrual Cycle



   All of the above Modules Plus

   Training Principles    Developing Mental Imagery Skills    Relaxation


   After studying the above sections, candidates must send in an essay of approximately one page of A4 on each module relating to your Ju Jitsu for the level you are taking. If renewing an existing level, no essays are required. The essays, application form and full payment must be returned to course instructor.

No module can be missed. You cannot become a coach without prior learning of the above modules. Each Level must be paid for in full. The last level that you take must be renewed or upgraded every 3 years. Candidates must hold current Enhanced CRB Clearance, First Aid and Personal Indemnity Insurance (if coaching).

   Senior application form 



Junior Coach 


Dear Parent/Guardian

“This Course has been specifically formulated to develop the coaching and leadership skills of our younger students,
enabling and empowering them to help and assist at their classes under the mentorship of their Sensei.
The skills and knowledge that will be imparted to them can be carried forward in all parts of their lives both now and in the future.
This is a vital part of the Junior Black Belts education which will in a great many cases give them the edge over and above their peers when transferring these skills into their community and workplace”.

Professor James Pape National Governing Body Director of Coaching  #



Level Type Fee Level Open To: Length Of Course
1 Junior Coach £25 Jnr Black Belt Half Day Course
2 Junior Coach £25 Jnr Black Belt Full Day Course
To renew an existing grade £25



                     Level 1 JUNIOR COACH

                     Communication Skills    Code of Ethics

                    Level 2 JUNIOR COACH:   The above modules plus

                    Teaching Methods    Skill Classification    Coaching Skills

                   See application form for further information

                   Junior Application Form